How To Find A Basic Tee?

2Basic tees come in different forms; loose fitting and tight fitting. What you wear depends on your tastes, likes and the occasion at hand. I tend to have tees of different types and textures and also designs that can go well with any general outfit I choose for the day. I tend to wear basic tees on informal occasions as they are the places where you are not required to be in official wear. It may look absurd if I turn up for a friendly meet or a road trip dressed up in a suit buttoned up to the neck. Basic tees are appropriate for such an occasion as it gives you the feeling of being “free” to some extent (check Cam’s Underpants). I can be able to pull out moves that would otherwise be tricky while in full official wear.

The tees are great in a way that I cannot fail to get something good to pair up with it. A sweat pant, jeans trousers and also shorts are great pairings with the basic tees. I am always keen to choose a color mix that would coordinate well so that I don’t pass off as clown with weird color pairings.

Convenience is a factor that I use when selecting a tee for a day. For a day full of activities and fun events, I make sure to avoid loose fitting tees as they may come in the way of the fun activities; engaging in a game of rugby with a loose fitting tee makes you vulnerable and easier to be brought down as opposed to a tight fitting tee. Also with strenuous activities, it’s better to wear fitting tees so that you can get your things moving with ease with nothing coming in the way. I put on loose fitting tees when up and about doing my small errands or going out for a walk.

Basic tees are stylish and can be part of a smart casual look as I go to work. This is mostly when I put a coat over it paired with some nice pair of khaki trousers. Try it out with any wear that you feel comfortable with. At times I can wear a basic tee under official shirts too. Some shirts show the outline of vests worn underneath them and it is only prudent when l put on a basic tee underneath whose outline won’t show as it extends to my arms unlike common vests.

Apart from being stylish and everything, I like basic tees as they are practical when worn on hot days or when you will be engaged in strenuous activities. They tend to absorb the sweat from our bodies as I wear them with nothing under. When I put on a basic tee under an official shirt, sweat won’t seep to the official shirt, which would not be a good sight, but is retained on the basic tee and in the process avoids staining the official shirt.

Basic tees are here to stay and will be more acceptable also in some workplaces where the new trend is to allow people put on what they are comfortable in for enhanced productivity.


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